Only a few days apart from the New Year; this is also the beginning of a new decade. It’s time to thank the old year/decade for all the healing, all the growth, all the transformation and evolution and set up the new vision for the new decade.
Maybe most of you already wrote the intentions, goals and resolutions for 2020, but I dare you to do things a bit differently this year. Rather than viewing your life as a series of goals you need to accomplish and projects you need to complete ask yourself this question: “How can I contribute to society, to the world, to the planet? What can I do to live my life honoring and serving others?” There is so much we need to heal in the world today: from the way we interact and communicate with each other, to the way we work and do business. Start writing your vision for the new year/decade. You can envision a better product or service, you can envision your contribution to a company/community, being the best mum or dad. Having a vision is about dreaming big. And when you dream big, your problems become small, I am here to serve humanity and everything else falls into place. Make a commitment to become the change you want to see in the world.
Happy new year!

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