Some people believe that Ascension is about going up. It’s not. You don’t have to go anywhere.
The Ascension is about remembering who you are.
It’s a process that is getting us ready to live our life from a place of love.
And by love I don’t mean the romantic relationship between 2 persons as we have been taught to experience it.
By this NEW feeling of LOVE I mean a sense of connection with everything that is.
I mean a sense of authentic truth of who you are.
I mean a sense of joy and bliss by expressing your unique energetic signature.
This process of Ascension is a process of Alchemy.
As alchemy means a complete change of state. A state of mind.
Everything begins in the mind. Thought is a very subtle, yet extremely powerful creation energy.
This NEW feeling of Love that I am talking about is something that you need to look for Within. It’s the only place you’ll ever find it.
And if you don’t go WITHIN, you’ll go WITHOUT.

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