When a human being has never been able to grow up from childhood into adulthood with healthy loving parents that support self-esteem, instill a core self and know how to create healthy boundaries, they are easily manipulated from their own pain. When someone is easily manipulated from unhealed trauma, abuse, wounds and lack of self-love, they grow into a sophisticated adult manipulator with an immature and wounded emotional (pain) body. Many people appear to be adults but are severely emotionally wounded and revert to very immature childlike emotional states. Severe emotional wounds create a disconnection from the feeling body of the soul and spirit.
Generally the age where the most traumas have been left unhealed from childhood, is the age where the adult will revert to when that wound is triggered in their adult life. When that wound is triggered, most of the time rather than take responsibility for that pain, the person will project the need to manipulate others as the cause of their pain to get what they want. One may observe a person acting like a small child having a tantrum to get what they want. Any parent can tell you what it’s like to have a toddler at two years of age, screaming “Mine!, Gimme!”. This is one reason we observe many adults acting like emotional children, when they do not get their way or they cannot control the environment to get something they want.

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