I’ve decided to take a break from telling people about love when they are on survival mode. Some even told me that I am from another planet. And they are right, I am not from this planet. And I mean that ad literam. I come from star systems millions of light years away from planet Earth. Why I am here, you may ask? Because it’s my soul choice to be here, Now. What is happening now with planet Earth is a massive upgrade. The planet is upgrading from version 3 to version 5. From fear to Love. (I’ve covered this topic on several occasions). This pandemic situation is a massive energetic shift, a big wake up call. The upgrade process of the Earth is also known as the Ascension. It begun in 2012 and it will continue until 2033.
The fact that you are also here now it might be your decision on a soul level. It might be your decision to upgrade your beliefs from limiting to unlimited. To upgrade from heaviness to light, from contracted to expanded, from fear to Love. This upgrading process is not an easy one, neither for the planet, nor for the people living on it. But a lot of help is available. Of course, it’s entirely up to you if you want to receive it or not.