So here’s the third thing about the brain

The mind loves what is familiar and it really doesn’t like what is unfamiliar, and if you left to its own devices, it wants to go back and back and back to what is familiar, and it wants to avoid what is unfamiliar. If you want success you have got to make what is familiar unfamiliar and what’s unfamiliar, familiar.

Anything will become familiar if you do it enough. If you take on good habits they become familiar and if you leave behind bad habits they become unfamiliar. Science has proved it with the 10-day phenomenon. If you hate olives and you eat one every day for 10 days, by day 11 your mind says, “Where’s my olive?”

So change the words you say to yourself, change the pictures you make in your head, change your thinking and your biology will change, the relationship with yourself and others will change, your entire life will change. For the better.