The mind is the most powerful tool from the entire Universe. But not many people really know to make their minds work for them, not against them. Let me share with you the 3 rules of the mind that everyone should know.

Here’s rule number one:

Your mind does exactly what it thinks you want it to do and what it believes is in your very best interest.

If there’s anything in your life that you haven’t got and you really want, your mind thinks you don’t want it. Your mind will go: “You think you want it, but I know better”.

Let’s give an example. You’re eight years old and you’re reading out in front of the class. And you’re messing some words and everyone laughs at you and you feel really upset and you go bright red and they laugh at you even more. Now your mind is searching, “What’s caused this pain?” When I was 8 I was speaking in front of the class, I had all their attention, but they all laughed at me. I’m never, never, never going to do that again; not ever for the rest of my life.” And then you forget.

Twenty years later you’re thinking, “I’m going to deliver a presentation in front of my colleagues.” And the mind’s like, “What are you doing? You’re going to speak to a group of people? Don’t you remember that when you were eight, you said, never, never, never, ever again. And now you’re about to go on stage? No. I’m going to give you an upset stomach now, and you’re not going to go on that stage because you told me you didn’t like it.” Your mind never forgets. So, you want to do it, but can’t. And then you go: “Oh, my God, I’ve tried it again and it was even worse. Now I know I’m not meant to ever be in public.”

Your mind’s job is to keep you alive on the planet and it keeps you alive by searching for whatever caused you pain, and then deciding, “Let’s not go there.”