Starting a business is not always easy. Especially in the first 6 months. You are trying to be known, trying to get clients, yet it feels it didn’t pay off all your efforts. You talk to people, you connect with people but when you ask them to work with you, they will say they think about it and never get back to you. It happened to me. I felt like the invisible entrepreneur no matter what I did. But when I realized that it wasn’t the people, it was me, I started to correct that. It was me because I ve been playing the invisible program ever since I was a kid. I’ve always felt different and that I don’t belong to this world. Basically all my adult life was a struggle to fit in, to get noticed, to get promoted, (I ve never asked for a raise in 15 years). Of course I was taking the invisible program into my business without me being aware of that. But the moment I realized what I have been doing to myself, I decided to make changes to my mindset and start doing things from a place of “it’s safe to be seen, heard and listen to”. Responsible for my change was Rapid Transformational Therapy which I wished I ve discovered sooner. But everything happens at the right time?:)

I started to work on my limiting beliefs and changed my relationship with myself. I understood that vulnerability is authenticity and it’s ok to share it so people can get to know you. I started to attend networking events in my local area and also online putting myself out there, in front of people. I stopped worrying of what other people will think or say about me by healing all my fears of being judged. I am still a work in progress but my confidence and self esteem grow bit by bit every day. It takes practice to make something new and different familiar to the mind. But it’s totally possible.

If you struggle with this in your business, I hope you realize that you are not alone and maybe my own experience can be helpful for you too.