We hear more and more that we must love ourselves, accept ourselves, that we must believe in ourselves. But to do all these things you have to know who you are.
You may have heard the expression that Earth is a school and that you came here to learn all kinds of lessons. I don’t think you came here to learn lessons, as much as you came to learn about yourself, to discover yourself, to know who you are, why you are here. Self-love and self-confidence can only come from self-knowledge.
You are an infinite being, always unfolding. You exist before the creation of the Earth, before the passage of time, before your parents were born. You exist and you will always exist. You are a unique expression of the Infinite. You are an unrepeatable being, there is no one else exactly like you, the divine intelligence and love is manifested through you and only through you, in a unique way. Your existence is not a mistake, it is a gift to the world.